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Asbury’s Cottage

Sandwell council has shared some images of Asbury’s cottage on Newton Road, with the project. Read more…

Asbury's cottage in the 1930's

Asbury’s cottage in the 1930’s

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Memories of Allen Memorial Congregational church

Doreen Ward recalls the founding of the Allen Memorial Congregational church. Read more…

AMCC during construction in 1932. Courtesy of Doreen Ward

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Interactive Map

Click on the map and follow the links to memories.

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Credric Barker recalls Hamstead Colliery

Cedric, a third generation mine worker recalls the sights and sounds of the pit. Read more…

Source Hamstead and Great Barr Herrald, 1986

Source Hamstead and Great Barr Herrald, 1986

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Hamstead Junior school photos

Cedric Barker has kindly shown us a copy of the Hamstead and Great Barr Herrald which includes photographs and memories from Hamstead Junior school. Read more…

Hamstead Junior School

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Georgina Miller recalls Hamstead village school

Georgina Miller recalls Hamstead village school in 1930. Read more…

Hamstead Village school,Spouthouse lane

David Mitchell recalls the myth that the tunnels of Hamstead colliery extended as far as Kingstanding. Read more…

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Great Barr Legion club

I am trying to gather memories and recollections from Great Barr and Hamstead legion club and would like to hear from anyone who recalls the place. I believe it is now a private members club.

Former Great Barr and Hamstead Legion club

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First memory recorded

The first memory of the project has been recorded. Margaret Potter recalls her parents who lived in prefab housing on Queslett Road. Read more…

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Voices of Great Barr

Voices of Great Barr oral history project started on 24th April 2012